Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Download Mari0, a Super Mario Bros. and Portal Mashup for FREE

Ever wondered what would happen if Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. had Valve's Portal gun? An entertaining and pretty innovative mashup that’s what! Fortunately, that’s just what the folks over at Stabyourself have done with Mari0.
Mari0 is an open-source platformer that takes the Super Mario Bros. and arms them with portal guns. So now, instead of running and throwing fireballs at enemies, players can take a more puzzle-like approach. Equipped with the portal gun, Mario can now deftly move enemies out of the way or hurl himself over large distances with an exquisitely aimed jump.

In addition to all the platformer/puzzle fun, Mari0 supports up to 4 players online multiplayer, comes with a built-in level editor to create your own map packs, 33 different hats and a host of other extras.

You can download Mari0 from the following link :

Download Latest Version of Mari0

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  1. That mari0 is this game right?
    (if that's the case, check it out because it showcases some cheats and it is really entertaining)

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