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Agni Chattopadhyay

tries to use technology to make life simpler. When he's not writing geeky articles, he's socializing, reading books, and helping people learn. He is an addicted computer enthusiast, gamer and programmer. You can contact him at firoagni@gmail.com

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Srijan Choudhary

build applications that do things. I’m a programmer but I’m also interested in how people interact with what I build. I’m not a designer, but I like to make things look good and simple to use. I’m not in marketing but I’m interested in whether what I build gets the right message across.

I am an undergrad student at BITS Pilani (India) and employed at anayalabs, a startup for providing software solutions to animation and design studios

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About this Blog :
The purpose of this blog is to help you take maximum advantage of the technology so that you spend more time doing things you really love.

Mission :
Spreading technological knowledge to masses

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