Saturday, August 13, 2011

Listen to Free Internet Radio Using VLC player

As well as being a great media player for playback of audio and video files, VideoLan player, famously known as VLC player can also be used to access thousands of Internet radio stations.

Here's How:

1. If you haven't already got VLC installed on your computer, you can download the latest free version from the VideoLan Website. Once installed, run the program and continue to the next step.

2.  Go to and click on the "help" button.

3. When the "SHOUTcast Radio Settings" window opens, check the following option:
"Play SHOUTcast stations in default media player ( eg: Winamp / iTunes / Windows Media Player)"


4. In the search box type in the name of the station, artist or genre you’re looking for. For example, I searched for "Bollywood" and SHOUTcast came up with the following results :

5. Click on the desired station and save the .pls file. It will be called "tunein-station.pls". Ideally, rename it to something else (for example : the station name itself).

6. Start VLC player and drag the .pls file in the VLC window.

Thats it. You will now be listening to your SHOUTcast stream in VLC!

[Tip] To prevent distortion and to keep the audio quality as high as possible, I would recommend enabling VLC player's Audio Equalizer with 2 pass turned on. Here's how :

1. Launch VLC player and click "Show extended settings" button to bring up the Equalizer settings window.

2. Under "Graphic Equalizer" tab, click the check box next to "Enable".

3.  Finally, click the check box next to "2 Pass"

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