Sunday, May 19, 2013

Enable Facebook's Redesigned News Feed NOW

A few months ago, Facebook unveiled a redesigned news feed to make its often overwhelming stream of updates feel less cluttered. The first thing you will notice about the revamped News Feed is how aesthetically pleasing it is. This UI update, however, is more than just skin deep -- underneath that design is a whole bucket of new features that are just as appealing as the visuals. The feeds now incorporates bigger images, more customization and a consistent experience on mobile and desktop versions.

Facebook's Redesigned News Feed
Facebook's New News Feed

Sadly Facebook is taking a painstakingly slow approach to releasing this remarkably overhauled version of the feeds, as previous updates by the social network giant [such as Timeline and Ticker Feed ] have met with a mixed reception upon release from its users..

However, if you wish to enable this new design right now, simply head over to the Facebook's news feed page, scroll down till the end and click on the "Try the new look" button.


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