Thursday, October 6, 2011

20+ Google Chrome's about: and chrome:// commands

Like other browsers, Google Chrome have a special URI scheme to display some special pages that show information about memory usage, cached  files, plug-ins and more. These commands start with an "about:" or "chrome://" followed something, for example - "about:blank" displays a blank page.

Here's the full list:

General Information Pages:
  • about:
    Shows information about Chrome.
  • about:about
    Shows a list of about commands.
  • about:blank
    Shows a blank page.
  • about:plugins
    Shows the plugins page.
  • about:terms
    Shows the Google Chrome License
  • about:credits
    Shows credits
  • chrome://extensions
    Shows installed extentions.
  • chrome:newtab
    Clears the current page
  • chrome://history
    Shows history

      Advanced Information Pages:
      • about:conflicts
        Lists all modules loaded into the main process and modules registered to load at a later point
      • about:cache
        Shows information about the data in the browser cache.
      • about:memory
        Shows a page that compares the memory used by all the active browsers and by Google Chrome's processes.
      • about:dns
        Shows DNS records for 10 frequently visited host-names.
      • about:histograms
        Shows a list of histograms for Google Chrome's internal metrics. 
      • about:net-internals
        Shows network information including Proxy, HostResolver, URLRequest, HTTPCache and SocketStream.
      • about:stats
        Shows a list of internal counters and timers.
      • about:tcmalloc
        Shows stats as of last page load.
      • view-cache:[URL]
        Shows you some under-the-hood cache details.
      • view-source:[URL]
        Shows the source code.

      Debug tools:
      • about:hang
        Type this in the address bar of a tab when there's already an active web page to hang the process (this means that the process no longer accepts any signal, but it's still running). The other tabs will continue to work and the active tab can be closed.
      • about:gpuhang
        Locks the GPU Process for debugging purposes.

          Other Pages:
          • about:flags
            Shows a page where you can enable experimental features
          • about:crash
            Crash the active tab. Google Chrome displays the sad tab" image, followed by this message: "Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, press Reload or go to another page".


          1. Today I was asked is there a way to run Linux Google Chrome with Java support?
            Run the following command and then restart your browser: Hack Line Rangers

          2. Yes ! Thank you !
            Thanks to the "about:plugins"-command (that I forgot what it was before I saw it here) I finally got Mafia Wars to work at the link . It's time for LONG game sessions now, without page reloading once every hour on Facebook !

            Thank you again :D


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