Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Add Firefox-Style Live Bookmarks (RSS Feeds) in Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser is slowly, but surely becoming the most popular web browser, continuing to eat into the market share of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, an important feature that Chrome lacks, despite being released three and a half years ago, is its lack of support for RSS feeds.

If you love Google Chrome, but miss Firefox-style RSS feeds in your bookmark toolbar and menus, then try "Foxish Live RSS". Foxish Live RSS is an extension for Chrome that lets you put your feeds right in your bookmarks toolbar. It does this by syncing RSS feeds with bookmark folders and refreshing them at a configured interval.

Head to Chrome Web Store to install Foxish for Chrome. Once installed, a distinct red icon will appear in the browser's addressbar whenever you visit a site that offers RSS feed(s).

To subscribe to the RSS feed of the site, click on the red Foxish icon and select the appropriate link.

This will bring up the Foxish Live RSS page. Provide a custom name for the feed, the location where you wish to put it and a maximum limit for the feed items. The "Feed URL" and "Site URL" fields will be filled automatically. Once done, click on the "Subscribe" button and bingo! The Live feeds will appear in the bookmark bar / desired bookmark folder location.

If you want to adjust the polling time (frequency at which the feeds are checked for updates) or wish to delete feeds you no longer need, simply head to the extension's "Options" panel (click on the wrench icon, select Settings>Extensions and click on the "Options" link of Foxish live RSS) to do so.

You can add new feeds by clicking the green "add feed" button, and can delete a particular feed using the (-) red button.

Using Foxish Live RSS, you can even export all of your RSS feeds as an OPML file to Chrome's Bookmark folder. In the "Options" page, click "Choose File" to browse for the OPML file to import, and it will list down all the RSS feed items.

UPDATE : Google has come up with its own RSS subscription extension which the author believes is a better alternative to the mentioned Foxish Live RSS extension. You can download RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) from HERE

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  1. Firefox is good but not as good as chrome. I have never used RSS feed till now as I have no idea how to use it. This blog have surely helped me a lot

  2. Technology has really made our lives easy but still there are things which we are not aware of. There are many features google has and this is one of them. I also was not aware of it before but now will download it for my ease.


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