Sunday, May 6, 2012

View any Web Page in 3D with Firefox 11

The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox (version 11 and onwards) comes with a web developers tool that can be used to visualize any website's structure in 3D !

The 3D feature, known as Tilt, is a way of visualizing a website’s Document Object Model (DOM). The 3D view stacks elements as they are nested in the DOM and lets you see elements that are hidden or off the page. You can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and pan the view by dragging the page at any angle that is helpful to you.

Technology Made Easy in 3D

To get started, click on the orange Firefox button and select Page Inspector by clicking “Inspect” from the "Web Developer" menu. Alternatively you can press Ctrl+Shift+I in Windows to bring the Page Inspector toolbar.

Now click the "3D View" on the Inspector toolbar and try rotating the page by left clicking and dragging to see the page in 3D!
3D view Button Firefox
3D View Button

Right click to move the image around. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Note : In case you don’t see the 3D button, it is likely that either you have an older version of Firefox running or have a blocked Graphics driver. In case of latter, a graphics driver update may be all you need!

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