Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Revert to Gmail's Old Look

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[UPDATE] Following workaround is not working anymore

Gmail’s new look is here to stay and now its mandatory — the opt-out option is gone. However, like me, if you prefer the old Gmail interface, you can keep it a little while longer with a simple Bookmarklet created by Qwerjik that can bring back the “Revert to old look temporarily” option in your Gmail settings.

Here's how :

1.Click on the "gear" icon and go to Settings > General. Change the language to "English (US)"

Settings in Gmail

2. Make sure your browser's "Bookmarks Toolbar" is visible. Now, drag and drop the following link to your Bookmark Toolbar region :

                                                             [[   revert gmail  ]]

3. Sign into your Gmail account and wait for it to load completely

4. Click the "Revert Gmail" bookmarklet from your Bookmarks menu while staying on your Gmail window/tab
Revert back to Gmail's old look

5.  A window will appear saying  "Settings menu probably updated. Click "revert to old look temporarily" in the settings menu to complete". Click "OK"

6. Click the Gear icon and if the above steps are followed correctly, you will find “Revert to old look Temporarily” option there. Click on it to revert back to the good old Gmail interface!

 Result :



Bear in mind that this workaround can stop anytime as Google updates Gmail.

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  1. Why would anyone want to have an old Gmail look. The new look is cool with better functions and appearance. However, Thanks for sharing as some may want to stick to older version.


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