Sunday, July 17, 2011

Delete all Hyperlinks in a Word Document with Shortcut Key

If you copy content from web and paste them into Microsoft Word file, you may find that there are lots of hyperlinks, which you may want to delete.

So, how do you delete those hyperlinks? Simply right-click them one by one and choose “Remove hyperlink“? This method is very time consuming especially if you have a very long article that has lots and lots of hyperlinks.

The second method you may try is to paste the content into notepad and then copy the content back from Notepad and paste it back again into a new Word file. But the problem with this method is that it will also remove the heading and style of your content. This is because when you paste something to notepad, notepad will only read plain text from it.

So, how to solve this problem wisely? The best method is to paste your content into a new word file, press “Ctrl + A” to select all, and then use the shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + F9” to remove all hyperlinks.

Simple :)


  1. Man, truly fantastic. I must have wasted so much time in the past doing them all one by one. Tried your method. Worked perfectly.

    Kamal Mahawar

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