Sunday, July 24, 2011

Discover font types with free online tools

Have you ever seen a logo or been to a website and wondered, “That’s a nice font, I wonder what one it is they’re using?”  Well you need to wonder no more. I’ve decided to list two free online service to help you find out just that.

1. What The Font :

WhatTheFont is a great tool that can help identify fonts. Just upload an image or enter an image URL and let WhatTheFont do the rest, telling you what font is being used.

In the tests I put it through it proved extremely accurate, not failing to spot any letters in images and providing several excellent alternatives for the font families used, giving me a choice of which one I thought was most appropriate. In case WhatTheFont can't find your font, you can still submit the font to their active forum.


2. Identifont :

This service takes a different approach and finds your fonts by asking a number of questions about the font. This one can be useful if you do not have an image of the font you’re looking for.
Identifont leads you through a series of questions about certain characters, like how the tail on the "Q" is shaped, the style of the "$" symbol, and so on. After a maximum of 15 questions, you'll likely get a match from Identifont's huge database, or at least a remarkably similar font.


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