Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enable Checkboxes for Easier Selection in Windows Vista and 7

For years, Windows users have used a two-handed procedure for selecting multiple files that weren’t next to each other. With one hand they would hold down the CTRL key and with the other they would click each file’s name. An easier alternative, could be that you enable checkboxes in Windows Explorer. This will let you select any number of files or folders in a window, consecutive or non-consecutive, with one hand using the mouse itself. It isn’t enabled by default, however, and you have to turn the feature on by going to "Folder Options".

1. Open My computer or explorer window. Below the address bar, look for "Organize". Click on it and select "Folder and Search Options". A window will pop up.

2. In the window click on the "view" tab. Now find  “Use check boxes to select items.” and check it.

3. Click "Apply" and "OK".

From now on, a check box will appear to the left of a file name whenever the mouse is hovered over it. Click the file to put a check in the box and select the file. The file will stay selected until you remove the check or close the Explorer window.

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