Saturday, July 23, 2011

Set a video as your desktop background

In 2007, Microsoft introduced “Windows DreamScene” into Windows Vista. This feature made it possible to enjoy a video clip, and not just static images, as your desktop wallpaper. Although users loved it, DreamScene was only available as part of the “Ultimate Extras” program—and only those users with Windows Vista Ultimate could access the feature. To make matters worse for DreamScene fans, Microsoft eventually abandoned the Ultimate Extras idea altogether and it seems that they have replaced the Dreamscene feature with automatic changing wallpapers in Windows 7.

Some highly creative Windows enthusiasts took matters into their own hands and created some small (and free!) tools that you can use to emulate Windows DreamScene on your Windows 7 / Vista / XP PC!

Windows 7 / Vista :

Just download the “DreamScene Activator” from Door2Windows. Run the tool as administrator and click the slider. Wait until it says ON (see screenshots).

From this point on, you’ll be able to use any video (in WMV or MPG format) as the animated DreamScene wallpaper. Just right-click on the desired video and select “Set as Desktop Background”.

You can pause or play DreamScene by right clicking on the desktop .

One of the bugs related to this hack is that desktop icon labels may turn transparent after applying a dream. Check this link for the fix.

Windows XP : 

Windows XP users can use "XPScene" which  generates a html-file, specially customized for your PC, with an embedded windows media player control playing your DreamScene video.

Usage Instructions :

1. Download  "XPScene" from

xp dreamscene

2. Select the video that you want to use as the desktop background. Supported formats are avi, mpg and wmv videos. Use "stretch" to avoid black bars, or "keep aspect ratio" for best quality.

2. Select the output folder where the html file and video will be saved in.

3. Click Create button to start the conversion.

4. Once the file conversion is complete, select your DreamScene html-file by clicking "Display Properties > Desktop > Background > Browse".

Where do I get great-looking DreamScenes?

You can download dreams from deviantART, Wincustomize and My personal favorites are :



      Screensaver as Wallpaper :

      Want to use your motion screensaver as a wallpaper? Then give Animated Desktop a try. Works on XP, Vista and 7. The only side effect of this software is that all desktop icons will be hidden for as long as the screensaver is running as the background image.


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        i m using windows 7 64bit os but this dreamscene is not working with my system.....
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