Friday, November 18, 2011

File too Large to fit on a CD or Pen drive? Use Winrar to Split a file into Several Parts

Suppose you are trying to copy a file from your computer to a CD, DVD or a pen drive to transfer it to your friend's computer. However the file is simply too big to fit on on a single CD, DVD or a pen drive. In such a situation, compression software Winrar can come to your rescue.Winrar is a must have software that not only can make a file smaller through compression but can also split a file into several parts. 

Just follow this procedure :

1. Make sure you have WinRar installed. If you don't have it, get it from here

2. Open WinRAR and drag the file to its window that you would like to compress or split. A similar window will open up :

3. Provide any appropriate name in the "Archive name" field. Under the option "Split to volumes", either enter the desired maximum size of each file part or choose a predefined size from the drop down list. In my case I entered 5 MB for each part of the file

4 (optional). Under "Compression method" field select "best" for best compression result

5. Click "OK" and wait for a few seconds for Winrar to compress the source file and to split it into several parts

Thats it. Now these parts can be copied independently. To merge the parts, simply place all the parts in one location and open any one of the file. Select the contents and click on "Extract To" button. Provide a destination path and click "OK"

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