Monday, December 19, 2011

Google Easter Eggs : "Let it Snow" and "Hanukkah”

[[ NOTE ]]  Festival or season specific Easter Eggs only work at their specific times

With one week to go before Christmas,Google has added a seasonal touch to its search engine by bringing two new Easter Eggs : Let it Snow and Hanukkah

"Let it Snow" Easter Egg
Visit and type Let it snow and you'll be treated with snowflakes falling from the top of your screen.

That's not all, let the snow to fall for a few seconds and then use your mouse cursor to draw in the frosted glass! To start over again, simply click the “defrost” button and you’ll see a clear screen with falling snowflakes.

Frosted Glass

Typing Hanukkah in Google search bar shows a row of stars below the search bar. (Hanukkah, also known as Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday)

Hanukkah Easter Egg

You can also try the words "Chanukah" or "Chanukkah" instead of "Hanukkah"

Thanks to Abhishek Nair for his input.

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  1. I didn't find snow on google search engine, the the song let it snow by lyrics is very good must read the song see source:

    1. Hmm, you are right. It seems that Google has discontinued both the Easter Eggs. Sad :(

      Thank you for informing me though, I'll update the post accordingly :)


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