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How to Create a Photo Mosaic in Minutes

A Mosaic
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Just as printers create images with dots or patterns, a photo mosaic (also known as Photographic mosaic) is a single picture made out of a large number of other images. A photo mosaic when viewed without any magnification, appear as the primary image, however when magnified reveals that the image is in fact made up of a large number of smaller images.

Creating mosaics from photos is not at all easy and can be a laborious task. As an alternative to manually creating a mosaic, one could use applications that can accomplish the same thing. One such application is Andrea Mosaic.

To create a mosaic using Andrea Mosaic, simply follow these steps :

1. Download and install Andrea Mosaic

2. The first time you run the application, following window will appear :

Select "Rectangle Tiles (4:3)"

3. First you need to select a list of images that you wish to use as image tiles. Click on the "Tile Images" button. In the window that appears, you can add the folders where your images are located using the Add Folder button or by dragging and dropping the Folders in the "Folder List". If a folder has sub-folders with images in them, they will also be incorporated.

4. Click on the "Save List As" button and wait for the program to complete its operation. This may take a while (depending on the number and resolution of images). You can cancel the process anytime by pressing the "OK" button.

5.When the program reaches 100%, you will be asked for a location to save the list. Choose any location and any name.

6.Click "Open Archive" and select the collection you just created. Click "OK".

7.Now drag the primary image into the main window. Additionally, you can set various parameters according to your requirement or you can leave the default values.

8.Finally, click "Create Mosaic". A new window will appear along with details and status information. At the end of the process, a message will confirm that the mosaic was successfully created, asking you if you wish to open the folder where the mosaic is stored. The image will be created on the location your original image is stored.


Oraginal Image

Resultant Image

You can check the resultant image in actual resolution and size HERE

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