Monday, December 26, 2011

Google Easter Eggs : "Santa" and "Kwanzaa"

Recently we shared two festival inspired Easter eggs found in Google search called "Let it Snow" and "Hanukkah” with you. To amuse us even more, Google has now added 2 new Easter eggs : "Santa" and "Kwanzaa".

[[ NOTE ]]  Festival or season specific Easter Eggs only work at their specific times

Santa :

Type "Santa" in Google search and press Enter.Your search results will appear with Christmas lights below the search box :

Santa Easter Egg

You can also try the word "Christmas" instead of "Santa"

Kwanzaa :

Typing Kwanzaa in Google search bar shows a row consisting of  colorful candles below the Google search bar. Kwanzaa is a festival honoring African-American festival celebrated from 26th December to 1st January each year in United States.

Kwanzaa Easter Egg

Though these new Easter eggs are not as much fun as "Do a Barrel Roll" or "Google Gravity", they are nevertheless amusing.

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