Friday, December 2, 2011

Text 2 Folders: Create Multiple Folders at Once Using a Text File

Creating multiple number of folders is a monotonous and time consuming task. Like me, if you find creating folders in bulk tedious, then just download this free and portable utility called Text 2 Folders.

Text 2 Folders is a small program for Windows that creates multiple folders based on the content of a text file.

Simply create a plain text file using any text editor (such as Notepad) and write the name of every folder you wish to create on a new line. If you also want to create sub folders, then put a "\" after the parent folder and write the name of the sub folder after "\". Save the text file anywhere on your PC.

Now run Text2Folders.exe (after downloading and extracting it from the zip file), click on the check-box "Text file" and provide the path of the parent folder (where you want to create the folder structure) along with the text file we created earlier.

Click "Create folders" and you are done.


  1. It's very Helpful.Thank You Friend.

  2. The developers' website has disappeared. :(


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